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Far Cry 5 Review: Stable Open-World Game Franchise with Better Game Freedom

Far Cry 5 Review

From the Far Cry 5 review offers maximum action with such a unique feel. This game provides a large map for you to explore as freely as possible. Through the theme of a heretical religious sect as the focus, your adventure will be very tense. Every crazy stunt you take will give you a very interesting atmosphere to follow.

Far Cry 5 Review Takes a Unique Theme Than Others

As one of the Best PS4 Exclusive Game 2021, Far Cry 5 review comes with a story focus that is so unique and different. This open-world game carries a heretical religious sect as the focus that will take your adventure to the plains of Montana, United States.

When playing the game, you play the role of an anonymous security force character known as a Rook or Rookie. You will carry out the most dangerous task of capturing the leader of a rising cult called Project Eden’s Gate.

Project Eden’s Gate began as a heretical religious sect turned into a militant organization that became a source of new threats to residents in Hope County. This heretical sect organization was led by Joseph Seed who recognized himself as a new prophet appointed by God so that he seemed to be a feared king in the region. Joseph Seed was assisted by three of his brothers in acting, namely Jacob Seed, John Seed, and Faith Seed. The three of them will help spread these heretical teachings through various violent means.

As security forces, you and other members must take concrete action to end Eden’s Gate’s activities. In the Far Cry 5 review story, you will fly directly to the organization’s gathering point, capture Joseph Seed in the name of the law, and then exit the area. However, this plan did not work and instead created resistance from Eden’s Gate members. As a Rook character, you will survive and start an escape attempt.

With this incident, Joseph Seed considered it a signal sent by God for him to start his mysterious holy war. This is where the story starts to feel so exciting and tense. Your attempts to save Hope County against this militant cult of religion will set you up for a crazy adventure that’s very exciting to follow. You will find all kinds of brutal things in the game with super crazy antagonists.

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The Brutal Atmosphere Is So Thick In Far Cry 5 Reviews

Far Cry 5 review offers brutal action that is so crazy. You will be faced with a situation in the suburbs of the United States that you often find in various Hollywood films. Farm areas with tractors and a variety of large trucks can easily reinforce that impression. This is even more perfect with the quality of the visa that is more qualified than the previous series.

Character details complete with perfect settings make the feel of this game feel so dramatic. The sound effects are well presented, further complemented by so much cool music. All of that will stick in your mind with cruelty and brutality without mercy. You will find corpses hanging and being executed in inhuman ways, which might disturb your mind.

The atmosphere of brutality was thick with war and terror raging on. As you explore this game world, you will find that the existing world is getting worse. The presence of the Haunted House, which is full of cliché ghost doll attractions, will look amazing with colourful light effects here and there. But you will get goosebumps when you find out that all the dolls that are trying to scare you are the bodies of victims of kidnapping and murder.

The level of brutality in Far Cry 5 review will make you cringe even more when you find a house with so many abandoned dogs in it. You will see lots of dog corpses scattered about and dogs that look so happy to see you with poop everywhere. All of that is displayed with visuals that are so alive that you might feel nauseous when playing this game.

Far Cry 5 Review Offers Exciting Gameplay

When playing this one of the Best PS4 Exclusive Game 2021, you will get interesting gameplay. The Far Cry 5 review gameplay system comes with various conveniences such as you will get the vehicle you need to explore the game world, whether from land, river or air. For air affairs, you will enjoy aircraft and dogfight battles in the air against enemy aircraft that is super exciting and thrilling. With the controls that are so easy, you can conquer every obstacle in a fun way.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to use Fast Travel points which are available in almost every corner of the location that you have explored. This will make the existing movement easier because you don’t have to go through long tedious journeys to get to your desired destination point. You will also have a map of the locations that will allow you to recruit companion characters.

Through the companion characters that you can recruit, you will have friends to complete certain missions. With a large number and different advantages, his presence will help you finish the game. In this game, you will no longer find a tower system like the previous Far Cry series. This is certainly an advantage over other Far Cry series.

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Far Cry 5 Review

-The antagonist Joseph Seed is so interesting
-There is no tower system
-The skill system is freer
-A wider and bigger open-world game design
-High level of brutality
-Ending that is hard to forget
-Companion system
-Selection of accompaniment music that supports the atmosphere of the story

-Mute protagonist
-Quite a few glitches
-AI doesn’t work very well

Game Details
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia
Release Date: March 27, 2018
Price: $ 23.80 at Amazon



This one of the Best PS4 Exclusive Game 2021 offers greater freedom with a skill tree system that is available without restrictions. The hunting system as well as a new feature that is focused on finding materials intended to be sold for money are also attractive. You will also have access to quite a lot of weapon variants, as long as you have the money to buy them. With lots of interesting content, Far Cry 5 review is more perfect than its predecessor series.


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