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How to make Money online without Investment in 2021

They are taking help of the power Internet. The Internet has great potential if utilized.

How To Make Money Online Without Investment In 2021

Money is one of the most important aspects of our life. We need money to survive here. To fulfill our desire and needs, we require money. That’s why everyone wishes to make money. On the other hand, many of us don’t like to go to the office every day for a 9- 5 job.

Because we want our freedom while earning. But in this kind of jobs, we have to work according to our boss.

Furthermore, sometimes we get criticized by our boss or senior for no reason. That’s why people want to start their own business. Because business allows us to work on our terms.

For most people, start-up their business remains a dream. The main problem that they face is an investment.

To start a business and make it run successfully, Investment is mandated. So starting a business is not possible for everyone. Thus unwillingly, they have to continue their office job.

But, will you be happy if I tell you that you can make decent money sitting home with the help of the internet?

How to learn money online without an investment

How To Make Money Online Without Investment

Yes, it is possible. And people are making money sitting home.

They are taking help of the power Internet. The Internet has great potential if utilized. And in this post, I will tell you some ways that you can use to earn money online without investment.


Blogging is possibly a vastly distinguished way to make sure money. If you put your hundred percent into blogging then you can live a luxurious life. Blogging gives you the option to be your boss. You can work from everywhere, even while traveling.

But first off, you need to set up your blog website. In beginning, things might not go for you. You have to write tons of posts about your chosen niche.

To get success in blogging, you need to learn some skills such as search engine optimization and effective writing.

To start blogging, you will need to select a blogging platform. Nowadays and WordPress are the most used blogging platforms.

(a) WordPress

WordPress is a vastly popular platform that most bloggers love to use. WordPress has such facilities that make blogging easy and help your site to rank in Google. On WordPress, you can need to buy a domain name and hosting.

  • Domain:-

A domain name is the address of a blog website – Users can visit your website by put your domain in the search bar of their browser. You can buy a domain from for your blog.

  • Web Hosting:-

Web hosting is an online service that facilitates you to publish a website on the internet. All the data of your website will be saved on the web hosting that you choose.

There are numerous of the company who provides the service of Web hosting. You can buy a basic web hosting plan in the beginning.

Some well-known web hosting providers are mentioned below.


Blogger is also a decent choice to start your blogging journey. Blogger is a product of GOOGLE. And you don’t need to buy web hosting. Because Google hosts your website on his server. And Google keeps the right to delete your blog without any warning if you don’t follow his policy.

Millions of people use bloggers to start their blog. You can move your website from blogger to WordPress at any time. You just need to buy a Domain name to work in Blogger.

Complete surveys

We have placed it number 2 on this list and without a doubt, it’s our favorite one. Making money online with surveys is perhaps the simplest and best-earning strategy with fun.

Moreover, you always know before starting a survey that how much the payment you will get from it.

There are a lot of companies are available who pay you to fill survey. These companies want to collect information about what consumers think about any product or service.

These kinds of online surveys are a fast, economical, and simple way for companies to collect huge amounts of information.

So if complete the surveys for best-paid websites where you can surely earn $300 to $500 per month.

Social media

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money online from your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and twitter.

I know for most of you will be surprised after knowing that you can earn from social media. Because we use social media for just to connect with our friends or to share our pics and videos to get likes you also can use buy followers services to increase followers.

But if you start using these apps to earn money, you can make living on them. These social media have vast potential to make money for you.

Numerous people utilized their social media to establish themselves and came to star on several social networks. You can start with any social media to build your reputation among the people in your field.

Once you gain rage on social networks, you can start getting money vis sponsored posts. Yet, you should always keep in mind that this is time taking process but have the potential to make you a huge amount of earning.

Some of the latest facts, currently there are so many services to increase social media followers. Several top artists, allegedly buying followers to increase the authority of their accounts.


Firstly, I would love to explain the definition of Freelancing. Freelancing is a kind of job, in which you work for someone on a contract basis. You get the payment after every job is completed.

In recent few years, online freelancing has achieved huge popularity among job seekers and employers. Moreover, due to this Corona pandemic, it is growing faster than before.

By doing freelancing, you work according to your choice of time. You can do freelancing work at any time unlike. Whereas, in a full-time job, you have to work for a particular duration of time.

  • How can I became a freelancer?

To start freelancing, you must have a skill that you can sell. But, you have to master your skill, if you want to earn money from the internet without investment. Because your expertise on the skill will decide how much you can earn.

  • Which skills use to do freelancing

There is a range of skills that you can sell. Writing, Graphic Designing, Software Development, Photo editing, teaching, and many more.

If you have any skill like this, you can start making money online without investment. But if you don’t have any skill, you can learn.

You can learn these skills online from youtube or buy a paid online course. There are thousands of websites available online that provide online learning courses.

Learning new skills is not a bad option. Because these skills can make a huge amount of money for you.

Where can I do freelancing?

You can work as a freelancer online and offline. But finding an offline freelance job is not easy as compared to online. On the internet, there many freelancing websites that are available. You can sign up for this website and make your profile. We advise you to watch youtube videos about freelancing websites. You will get proper knowledge of freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube has emerged as a leading medium for earning money online without investment. Earning from youtube is quite similar to blogging.

In blogging you have you present your content in text and on youtube you need to make videos and upload on youtube. Almost every mobile user has a youtube application installed on his mobile.

Moreover, most of us prefer youtube over Google to get information on any topic. Apart from knowable information, youtube is a source of entertainment too.

So, you have a vast range of niches that you can choose to work on youtube. You just need a Gmail amount to create a youtube channel. In beginning, you can start recording videos with your smartphone.

Youtube will pay you for the ads that will appear in your youtube videos. You have to create an adsense account with your Gmail id. Adsense is an ad network of Google. Your earning will be shown in the adsense account. After connecting your bank account with adsense, you can withdraw your earning money.

Earn online from Affiliates marking

Affiliate marking you have to promote the products of other companies. You get some % of the selling price of that product as commission.

Nowadays, affiliate marking is the most used method to make money online without investment. Because here you can make money online without investment. You just need to advertise the products of others. This product can be a physical thing or a digital product like any web hosting.

Your blog website can be instrumental to get a huge number of affiliate sales. Or if you have a YouTube channel, you can guide your viewers you buy your affiliate products.

Even if you don’t have a blog website or youtube channel, you still can generate a good number of sales. You can utilize your social media accounts for it.

Be an online Teacher

Teaching is such kind of skill that will always make money for you. Because there is not an alternative to education. If you have command on any subject, you can teach online.

There is numerous website that offers a good amount to the teacher to teach on their platform.

And after this Corona pandemic, the trend of online teaching is growing at a higher level. So, it is a golden opportunity to establish yourself as an online teacher. In the upcoming years, the usage of online study will cross many milestones.

Earn from reading and click paid mails

Every day when you open the email inbox, you find one or two advertising emails. Sometimes these emails may come in the spam folder.

These emails are very irritating. Nonetheless, now you need to curse the sender of these advertising emails.

How will you react if I say can earn from these emails?

“How ” this might be your question now, isn’t it?

Yes, it is true to earn from these initiating emails.

By reading these emails, you make money online without any investment. The more you read the advertising email or click the link included in this email, the more you can earn.

There are tons of platforms on the internet that pay you money for reading and clicking the links.

You just need to open your email inbox. Then click on that promotional email and just read.

To start earning from it. you require to register on the companion platform. You can put your interest while signing up so that you can receive emails related to your interest.

But always keep in mind that sometimes the price of reading these email can be less than one cent. You can withdraw your earned money in your PayPal account by connecting it to your register platform.

Sell your Ebook online

If your writing skill is good, you can make money online without investment by selling your ebook. The ebook has it’s own importance and market.

People have considerable Interest in reading ebooks. People are ready to pay a reasonable amount to read ebooks. So you can consider writing and selling ebook online.

You always don’t need to write a long ebook. I have seen ebooks of just 1000 – 3000 words. And they are generating sales.

There are many platforms to publish your ebook such as Amazon. You can also publish your ebook on the google play store. You can also sell your ebook on your blog website. Social media can play an instrumental role in marking your ebook.

Sell photos online

Selling photos online is also a decent way to make money online.

You just need to click good quality images. The image can be of babies, nature, places, or anything. You can sell your images also.

There are abundant websites that pay you to upload your photo on their website.

  • Shutterstock,
  • iStockPhoto,
  • Fotolia
  • Photobucket

These are some website where you can sell your images and get paid.


In this post, I explained 11 ways that you can try to make money online without investment. But not I am telling you that “investment” is needed. Without investment, you can earn a single penny. I am talking about the investment of your time and dedication to your work. You will need to give enough time to these ways if you want a good outcome from it.

Source: Ide Bisnis Online Terbaru – Garuda Website

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