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Ghost of Tsushima Review: One of the Last Impressive Exclusive Games by PS4

Ghost Of Tsushima Review: One Of The Last Impressive Exclusive Games By PS4

Ghost of Tsushima review – Ghost of Tsushima is just one of best ps4 exclusive game and has succeeded in becoming the best game Sucker Punch has formulated so far. This open-world game that presents Japanese culture has been presented very well. The Japanese samurai theme presented can attract the world’s attention with all its uniqueness. Through the various modes that are presented, this game is very suitable to be played by beginners and advanced.

Serving historical events in the Ghost of Tsushima Review plot

Ghost of Tsushima is a fictional or fantasy game based on events that did occur in world history. Although the story in this game departs from a historical documentary, the story presented does not guarantee the accuracy of the history of the Mongol invasion of islands outside Japan that had occurred. So you can’t think of it as truth from history because basically, this is just a fictional game.

The plot of the game’s story begins at the end of the 13th century. In that year, the Samurai living on Tsushima Island must face the greatest threat ever. The peaceful island of Tsushima suddenly had so many large Mongol ships that landed on its beaches. This also awakens Bushido’s enthusiasm to sacrifice his life to defend Tsushima. Among the troops led by the samurai named Shimura, you will play the role of Jin Sakai.

As the main character, Jin Sakai is the nephew of the samurai / Shimura leader who is also preparing to lift the katana. However, due to defeat in terms of weaponry and the number of deadlier troops, Tsushima also had to submit to the Mongol forces led by Khotun Khan. Jin Sakai managed to become one of the few samurai who managed to survive. He was saved by a thief named Yuna.

Long story short, Jin Sakai embarked on a mission to save his uncle, Shimura, who was held captive by Khotun Khan in a castle. During the rescue journey, Jin also meets several other characters who are also fighting for the same thing. The difference is, other characters have personal problems that they want to solve first. The adventures of Jin Sakai will decorate every Ghost of Tsushima review plot so beautifully and thrillingly.

Ghost of Tsushima Review – So Beautiful Graphic Display

What the developer has done has succeeded in making Ghost of Tsushima review an incredibly beautiful game. You will feel a different experience when travelling around the outer islands of Japan in this game as the most beautiful dream you will ever have. The sensation of this fantasy-based game allows you to enjoy being on Tsushima Island in Japan now and discovering the most beautiful terrain available.

The graphic display in this game feels so beautiful because every detail in this game is designed as dramatically as possible. You will feel like you are being taken to a higher level in a unique samurai story. This game is the one of has best graphic on ps4 games.

The presence of tall grass, brightly coloured flower fields, bamboo forests with small paths that are easy to mislead, swamps with snapping wood, high mountains filled with dense trees, fallen leaves, to various religious symbols such as Buddha statues, Shinto deities, until the powerful pagoda will spoil your eyes.

All of that is supported by balanced gameplay with its appearance. The main character will have a fighting stance, each of which is opened with a different sword holding action. The animation of the attacks that come from each Ghost of Tsushima review’s stance will look simple, fast, and look deadly complete with dramatic blood splashes. You will be so familiar with the blood that sheds when playing this game.

This visual beauty is enhanced by dazzling audio. You can choose Voice Acting for English and Japanese from the beginning of the game. The performance of each character’s voice acting, succeeded in pushing the story into natural motion with the emotions it should have. The soundtrack music that is presented will stir your emotions when such emotional moments arrive. Through perfect music, you will drift into the story.

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Ghost of Tsushima Review Perfect Sword and Shadow

Ghost of Tsushima review seems to give a choice between Samurai or Ghost in this game. But you don’t need to be trapped in this choice. You can understand the difference between Samurai and Ghost that Samurai will fight openly. While Ghost, like a ninja, focuses more on stealth and uses a variety of unique tools to achieve these missions with less risk.

Through these options, you can always play as a Samurai and Ghost whenever you want, without any special Armor sets. If you take action following the Bushido path, then you are playing like a Samurai. If you sneak up and finish off the enemy from behind, then you are playing like a Ghost. This choice will not affect the side of the story that is presented. You will always be free to change and adapt to the situation that you think is best.

Every battle that is presented will you whenever you want. You can finish off the enemy with 3-4 slashes and the enemy can do the same if you’re not careful. This balanced condition makes the fight always intense. You will meet enemies who are armed with swords, spears, swords + shields, and brutes with bigger weapons. To face each enemy, you will be provided with 4 different Stances that are effective for use on certain types of enemies.

The Ghost of Tsushima review is even more interesting with the presence of Kurosawa Mode. This mode not only adds a black and white filter but also changes the way the audio works so that it can present a unique artistic value.

This mode will let you see a little grain effect and small artefacts that make you feel like you are enjoying an old 1950’s film. Changing the sound from stereo to mono with a clear damping effect will provide its charm. So you can enjoy the Ghost of Tsushima review as the best game with bright colours or past colours.

Game Details

DeveloperSucker Punch Productions
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
Release Date17-Jul-20
Price$ 55 at Amazon

Pros & Cons of Ghost of Tsushima

-The design of Tsushima Island is extraordinarily beautiful
-Quality English and Japanese Voice Acting
-Satisfying battle sensation
-Freedom of the Samurai – Ghost system
-Strong story content
-Kurosawa Mode
-Quality music according to the moment
-Fast fast-travel loading times

-The prologue is a little lax
-Lip motion based on British VA
-The crush of spiritual side between gameplay and story



What the developer has done has succeeded in making Ghost of Tsushima review an incredibly beautiful game. You will feel a different experience when travelling around the outer islands of Japan


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