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The Last of Us Part II Review: The Best Game With Stunning Beauty Action

the last of us part ii visual 1

The Last of Us Part II review is the amazing work of Naughty Dog which is a continuation of the story of the first series. This game will bring players’ memories back to the figures of Ellie and Joel, who now live peacefully in Jackson. Through the professional hands of the Naughty Dog team, this game has made it into the top ranks of best ps4 exclusive games 2021 with the best visuals on PS4.

A plot of stories that annoyed a lot in The Last of Us Part II Review

The Last of Us Part II review has a follow-up story from the first series. This game takes the timeline 5 years after the first series by showing the city of Jackson which has grown into a bustling city that represents the return of human civilization itself. As a safe place to live, the main characters Ellie and Joel must keep Jackson safe from the attacks of bandits and the Infected.

Until one day, Jackson was covered in super thick snow which made the Ellie patrol turn into a nightmare he had never thought possible. As a result of this incident, the hatred that grew in Elie’s heart developed into a brutal act of revenge. Ellie decided to go to Seattle to hunt down a militant organization called the Washington Liberation Force (WLF). This revenge feels so brutal because it won’t stop until each of them is finished.

In The Last of Us Part II review, the act of revenge by this main character can develop into an adventure that is very exciting to enjoy. You can find anyone who is being hunted in WLF and what causes the girl’s grudge so big when playing this game. This side of the story will stir up your emotional state in amazing ways.

This game that deserves to enter the top ranks of exclusive games with the sweetest visuals on the PS4 console comes with a different splendour than before. You will discover how stories are constructed so perfectly that they fit into memories that are hard to forget. This game provides a brutal taste wrapped in a cycle of violence that is so mature. How you perceive every grudge and reality that exists will make you so emotional during the game.

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The Last of Us Part II Review of Unmatched Stunning Visualizations

Seeing The Last of Us Part II review, you will be amazed by the success of Naughty Dog in presenting its appearance. The game world that comes in full detail will spoil the eye with a variety of human constructions when we are no longer at the top of the food chain. There is also high rainfall that is synonymous with the city of Seattle, trees, grasses, wild creeping shrubs that create a terrifying and amazing atmosphere at the same time.

A vast and large world presented in a more open format containing various buildings that have nothing to do with the story at all. You will be given the freedom to explore so that you can get extra resources, ammo, and extra memos. This will serve to get a clearer picture of the background story of the occupants of the building concerned. Each of the existing buildings will offer a specific challenge.

The appearance in The Last of Us Part II review can present it realistically through the technology it carries. The motion and attack animation that is displayed is more refined with stunning animation details that will adapt to each scene perfectly. The presence of several interesting scenes such as reloading or crafting animation adaptations when Ellie is on her back or her stomach will make you amazed because the display is so alive.

The graphic visualization in this game is even more perfect with audio choices that perfectly match every scene. An audio presentation that was no less fantastic was presented by the OST which was again handled by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Supported by Mac Quayle – Mr. film series composer. A robot, this game provides a lot of music that makes your fighting action even more intense and tense. This audio is made even more perfect with the presence of the VA – Ashley Johnson who shows her vocal prowess for songs that make you smile or sad.

Brutal Action Without Pause The Last of Us Part II Review

The Last of Us Part II review presents a side of uncompromising brutality that makes every action not only feel realistic but also dangerous and deadly. Every action that Ellie takes or happens to Ellie becomes an attempt to kill her life as quickly as possible complete with a unique sensation of satisfaction.

This brutal sensation is perfected with a fantastic audio presentation that makes you understand that what you just finished off, is a creature that once came alive. The madness of violence in this game will be felt when dramatic effects appear on the screen.

Occasionally you will see how the contents of the enemy’s brain explode through the hole in the back of the head that you just pierced. Once the enemy’s body has fallen, blood will flow down the floor in a real way. You will also see the enemy’s body shattered into pieces, scattered over the area until it is shapeless. Everything is presented in such detail that it feels like the original.

The level of brutality of The Last of Us Part II review can go to a higher level thanks to perfect audio support. You can also hear how the enemy tries to catch his breath amidst the blood that leaks and floods their throats and throat. Even after being killed, the enemy still moves like a hot worm on the floor before actually dying. So that you seem to be watching a dying creature facing death.

Naughty Dog has succeeded in presenting a cinematic experience with the support of technology that can make it an undeniable medium for storytelling. The side of brutality that is presented can make every act of cruelty you commit to other human characters feel real and have its impact. You will feel the contrast between hatred and revenge in this game. You will no longer be able to distinguish who is the protagonist or antagonist until you finally understand that what is right and what is fair. So that The Last of Us Part II reviews managed to appear as such a perfect game.


DeveloperNaughty Dog
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
Release Date19-Jun-20
Price$ 29.83 at Amazon

Pros & Cons The Last of Us Part II

-The visualization quality is very high
-The motion and attack animations are smooth and dramatic
-Design a wider world
-Emotional heavy stories
-Uncompromising violence
-The music perfectly matches the atmosphere
-Gameplay, action and stealth is satisfying
-Unique safe puzzle design

-The story is a bit dragging at some point
-Too many cut-scenes



The Last of Us Part II review presents a side of uncompromising brutality that makes every action not only feel realistic but also dangerous and deadly.


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