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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review: A Game With Amazing Visual Effects

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted The Lost Legacy review takes a spin-off of the Uncharted that we knew and love. Goodbye to Nathan Drake and left him on Uncharted 4. This game is a side story that evolves to a full-fledged game with its appeal. Playstation calls it a standalone version of Uncharted that introduces two heroines. Chloe the treasure hunter and Nadine the mercenary.

Both are familiar faces that made a brief appearance in the previous Uncharted squeals. The adventure storytelling game presents a journey of two females on seeking a precious artefact. At the same time they  try to escape war mogul while seek resolution to their inner problems. Yes, it is a lot to take in. The action-adventure game is balanced with deep conversations that make the story has more dept than another action video-games this game the one of best ps4 exclusive games.

Attention to Detail In Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review was released a year after Uncharted 4. So, it is hard not to compare the two. It was announced as expansion and converted to a standalone project. Some Uncharted may still in the euphoria of Nathan Drake but at the same time after 9 years, we are ready for a change. The developer does not disappoint. Despite the change of cast, everything else remains the same with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to its preceding. There will be adventures, journey, fightings, racing and spectacular scenes.

Only this time around, we have two female leads. It is like starting over a relationship. We are done with the dynamic duo of Nathan and Sully. Now, meet Chloe and Nadine. So, that’s the main characters, what about the rest of the game? It maintains the Uncharted series great visuals, amazing schemes with believable plots.

When you start the game, you will be playing Chloe Frazer part. No, you can’t swap character with Nadine. The game only allows one person playing, and it only set the player as Chloe. Quick background info, Chloe was Nathan Drake love interest in Uncharted 2. You come to India in see of The Tusk of Ganesh and hired Nadine for her mercenary skill. Both of you are not friends, at least not at first. As the story evolved the two grew closer and find comfort in each other.

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Clear and Mermerising Visual In Uncharted The Lost Legacy Review

Chloe and Nadine are side by side on finding the lost Tusk of Ganesh in the deep jungle of India. You can rely on Uncharted The Lost Legacy review for amazing visual effect and the one of has best graphic on ps4. Their entire game offers highly detailed graphic that players might not notice. It goes to show how this game invests their skill on small items yet very important.

Take for example a small scene where Chloe was walking and pushing aside some clothes hanging on a string. The clothes wave gradually as she moved. It is a small detail that takes a great amount of work to unravel a simple movement. If you played Uncharted 2 than you may or may not notice the slight change in Chloe’s appearance. She has darker skin and portrayed to be older. Nadine has a medium built with more serious vibes.

You will see veracious greenery of wild India crossing the Gangga river and entering the deep jungle with impeccable precision that may even come into a surprise. In certain scenes, you will even be surprised how realistic some of the images. The lines in someone’s faces, the rough surface of an elephant and how rich trees and shrubs can be.

These little moments develop into impressive visual works. Adventure to the deep jungle and trying to find an ancient tusk would mean a great number of old ruins and catastrophic architectural. The visuals on this game are remarkable and enjoyable. You will feel more like the girls best friends that come along for the quest.

The unique visual presentation approach will make you enjoy every movement that is so interactive, such as running, jumping, and various other activities. The animation presented by Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are smooth and almost too real. The details of the characters and impressive quest schemes strengthen the games apart from its preceding.

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Frenemies Detailed Dialog In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted: The Losy Legacy review interaction among the girls is the hook of the games. People are drawn to invest their feeling and thought in each scene. Both Chloe and Nadine are portrayed as a real person with problems that shape them into the person that they are now. It will be intriguing to see what each of them have to say to each other.

The existence of funny lines, Chloe’s daddy issue and Nadine’s controlling father make Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review deeper. The characters are more than thieves looking for money. Their past and how the two become friends is an interesting approach to present an adventurous game full of actions. In one side you have a very vivid portrait of a person as a whole. In the other side, there are plots and discoveries which makes this game appealing.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review is in the mission to provide something different yet familiar. The flying helicopter, blasting buildings and trap with war moguls looks familiar. The unique approach for in-dept character exploration is a breath of fresh air. How the game capture both individual pain and embedded in their quest is something to be applauded.

The Sony Playstation 4 game will ask you to complete missions, deal with past issues and personal battle. By finding the ancient artefact, the characters also found a sense of peace from issues within. Top it off with great animation and you got an amazing Uncharted game to play.

To win the game, you must find the Tusk of Ganesh, avoid the attack of the rebellious group and encounter various difficulties along the way. To do this you need to make alley, overcome betrayal from close friends, resolving bad blood and making the right choices.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy review is suitable for Uncharted fans and maybe other gamers which interested in deep conversation while kicking bad guys at the same time. Aside from the action adventurous genre, Uncharted: Lost Legacy provide a broader perspective on how people can change.

Game Details

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony
Platform: PS4
Release Date: October 17, 2016
Price: $ 59.99

-Amazing visual
-The perfect length
-Attractive landscapes and architecture and attention to detail like a wet look after the character jump into the water.
-Genuinely interaction between Chloe and Nadine with some funny lines
-Chloe and Nadine’s relationship is as great as the previous Uncharted duo main characters are

-Taking too many bits from Uncharted 2 and 4
-Few too many forced moments
-The protagonists are hard to be seen as a solid team, more like people stuck with each other. Plus, the made friends way too fast.
-Felt like a mini version of Uncharted 4, the female version.



Though the game is smaller in length compared to the full-throated Uncharted franchise, its offer tremendous strength. More than anything else, it comes across to make The Uncharted series moving without Nathan Drake.


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