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Knack 2 Game Review: High Quality in New Interesting Conflict Story

Knack 2 Game Review: High Quality In New Interesting Conflict Story

Knack 2 Game review managed to break the expectations of gamers who thought this game would be as bland as the first series. After being released in 2016, Knack 2 managed to prove that the next series was better than its predecessor series which received so much criticism. One of the best PS4 exclusive games in 2021 from Sony offers a more challenging adventure sensation without leaving its iconic protagonist.

New Plot Story With Same Character Knack 2 Game Review

Even though it appears as a different game from the previous series, Knack 2 game review still makes Knack the main protagonist. This is not a wrong decision because the developer managed to make Knack more alive in this Knack 2 game review. It is said that Knack is a past technology that manages to come back to life by combining various relics around it. The character Knack becomes the main character in the story like its predecessor series.

This character can enlarge himself if he successfully combines the number of relics in a certain capacity. Assisted by Lucas and Dr Vargas, Knack is one of the reasons why humans can survive amidst the threat of the Goblins in the first series. This threat continues to make him keep trying to find a way out of the problem that is happening.

At first, the Goblins were considered a race that lived with low intelligence in the forest and far from human civilization. But apparently, Knack and Lucas found a new threat coming from a different race. Through a machine called Crystal War, Knack discovers that there is another race called the High Goblins who have a higher civilization than humans. The race that was thought to have been extinct for hundreds of years turned out to be reviving along with existing war machines.

This High Goblin race is also trying to restore the domination of the Goblin as a race. Knack and Lucas team up to prevent this from happening by joining forces. Their efforts are assisted by a martial arts expert association which is an organization for the concoction of human heroes in Crystal War, Marius. These struggles will allow you to travel the world and have fun adventures.

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Visuals in CGI Pixar Knack 2 Game Review

The visual appearance in Knack 2 game review arguably doesn’t pursue realistic quality. When playing the best PS4 exclusive game in 2021, you will be familiar with arranged and broken particles similar to Resogun. The atmosphere produced in this game has a more friendly sensation with a Disney cartoon-style visual approach. With a better environment variant than its predecessor, this game is not burdened with heavy content.

You will enjoy the thrill of adventure by exploring so many places and types of environments, from just forests, snow, to even giant robots. There are even times when you can feast your eyes on a world in ancient architecture full of interesting puzzle pieces to explore. Even though the cartoon approach is still the main focus, you will still find visual appeal that can make your eyes dazzled.

The presence of lighting effects that still carry an identity like a CGI film from Pixar or Disney is displayed in an interactive format that will make you fall in love with it. You will feel challenged to explore the various settings that are presented. Even though the character Knack seems to be nothing more than a weapon that you muster up to tear apart the Goblin’s civilization, this game still offers something fun to play whenever you want.

Knack 2 game review’s CGI-style visuals from Pixar or Disney are presented in a super safe plot and character. The impression of a superhero game that is so cliched is so strong in this game because the conflict that is built is less emotional. However, this cartoon-style game is still worth playing and dancing hearts to certain types of gamers.

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Knack 2 Game Review Has More Solid Gameplay

As an action ps4 games that has safer content for all ages, Knack 2 game review offers the essence of a game that is filled with two activities. First, you have to fight against a group of enemies who have a variety of abilities and different movements. Second, you must be able to fight a boss that feels difficult at some point or solve a puzzle that will lock you from the progress of the story.

The presence of this puzzle can make the game feel interesting and challenging. With a little racking your brain, you should be able to find the relationship between the clues that are presented in just a few minutes. Besides, Knack can change the shape to small and large at will with just one button. Through a variety of small relic pieces that can be found at certain levels, Knack can enlarge his body without having to always be in touch with the story.

In this game Knack is armed with various types of attacks to subdue each enemy. This ability will continue to develop in line with the progress of the existing story. You will be able to throw continuous blows instantly, hit hard to destroy enemy armour, to draw them closer for certain strategic advantages. You also have to be able to subdue enemies who have different characteristics. In a more varied world design, you must defeat the enemies with the weapons provided.

Each different element that is now incorporated in Knack’s body will have a different attack effect so that it can increase the effect of the attack you launch. You can also strengthen Knack with exp points that you can collect from exploration or kill existing enemies.

Game Details

Developer: Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Price: $ 19.92 at Amazon

-The gameplay is more perfect
-Puzzles are more interesting
-Progress Knack that appears increasingly big and strong
-Offline cooperative mode
-Long gameplay duration
-Better level design

-Uninteresting story
-Bland character
-Animations are stiff
-Linear skill-tree system



The existing level and skill point system makes you have to pick up and open skills from one branch to be able to open the next branch. This Knack 2 game review feels even more perfect with the presence of an offline cooperative mode that you can easily taste in one of the best PS4 exclusive games in 2021.


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