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Nioh 2 Game Review: Building a World of Appealing Design to See and Explore

Nioh 2 Game Review:

Nioh 2 Game review is one of the best PS4 exclusive game in 2021 that offers optimal Souls taste. This game offers the beauty of building an interesting world to explore. Complete with a balanced difficulty level, this game manages to give the impression that every death that occurs is caused by the gamer himself. In other words, if you play this game then you are the one who causes the death of the characters.

Interesting Plot Story Based On Japan Nioh 2 Game Review

Nioh 2 Game review has a very unique storyline. This is because this game is present as a prequel series from the first series. You will play a character that you built yourself through the marriage between an ordinary human and a Yokai. You will lose memories of the past and only remember that your parents have been killed. The fact that your parents have been taken out by Yokai will set you off on an exciting adventure.

When playing the best action PS4 exclusive game 2021, you will be equipped with a special knife that can kill the Yokai. Your adventure in hunting the Yokai will lead you to your meeting with Tokichiro, someone who becomes your best friend. Despite having a mission to hunt the Spirit Stone, in the end, Tokichiro and you decide to go home together. This trip will have you faced with various yokai and also the legendary figure of Nobunaga Oda who wants to unite Japan.

Being under Nobunaga, you and Tokichiro decide to take an oath of friendship under one similar name. Tokichiro took the name Hideyoshi and you took the name, Yoshida. The journey to unify Japan was not easy because there was a threat of darkness that entered the ranks of the knights who stood under Nobunaga’s flag. You must be able to fight against the mysterious forces of darkness while helping Nobunaga unite Japan.

Nioh 2 Game review will start to feel exciting and fun when you take action exploring the Japanese world in the game. Every adventure you take to hunt down Yokai and unify Japan will be so thrilling with the various challenges that exist. You have to be able to overcome every challenge if you want to win this game. Without a clear strategy, you can’t end up winning.

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Character Details are Successfully Presented in Nioh 2 Game Review

Every character in Nioh 2 Game review is presented nicely by Team Ninja. You will get a stunning visual presentation of each character presented. Physical appearance details, animation, identity to cosmetic items play a big role in the appearance of whatever character you play. Whatever role you play, all are successfully executed attractively without leaving the nature of the character itself.

You will also be amazed by the presence of monsters that are designed so enchanting. The yokai’s figure which is so creepy like a monster has a beautiful impression at the same time. Even though Yokai is an enemy that you have to destroy, sometimes you can recruit its presence to become your Guardian Spirit. With humanoid elements on top of the animal concept, you will meet several Yokai who are ready to make you feel threatened and awe at the same time.

Apart from the character designs that appear so charming, the world in Nioh 2 Game review is equally extraordinary. You will be spoiled with views of the rice fields with the setting sun as a beautiful background. This beauty is complemented by the presence of an Interim design that gives an immersive atmosphere. What is Interim? Interim is a world between life and death that feels so thick with a calm and dramatic atmosphere.

The world design and the characters that are presented feel even more perfect with audio support that is considered to be suitable for every moment. If you want to feel the real Japanese atmosphere, you can choose the Japanese voice acting provided.

You will enjoy the music set that is presented so that it can support every atmosphere you face. The presence of audio in this game can build the atmosphere of each battle arena that you have to live in feels more epic. The visualization of Nioh 2 feels better than the first series, so this game is worth enjoying.

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Nioh 2 Game Review, Fun Gameplay to Play Anytime

Studying Nioh 2 Game review, you can’t miss the uniqueness of the gameplay that is presented. As the best PS4 exclusive game in 2021, Nioh 2 comes with two gameplay systems. First, you will find a stance. In the stance system, each weapon that can be used by the main character can use one of the three available stances, namely Low, Medium, and High. Each of these stances has its strength ranging from low to high. All you can customize according to what you need in the match.

Apart from that, there is also a loot system that is more similar to Diablo. With this system, you will find so many weapons, armour, and accessories falling from the enemies you defeat in random conditions. So that the weapons you use are not only limited to one or two, but you can use many weapons in battle. Each choice of weapon or armour comes with a different level that affects what status and buff you get.

You will be more satisfied playing this game because you have the freedom to build your playstyle. Through this freedom, you can develop a style of play that best suits your conditions. The level system that contains attribute points can be distributed according to your needs. You can even apply a little extra Magic for buffs and status effects to enemies to make travel easier. The more often you use it, the more area of ​​the skill tree you can access.

Game Details

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5
Release Date: March 13, 2020
Price: $ 18 at Amazon

-Satisfying character design
-Accessing Yokai abilities opens up new strategies
-Interesting story
-Benevolent Grave and Visitor to lower the difficulty level
-Variation of weapons
-The gameplay time is quite long

-Confusing inventory UI
-Less explored settings
-AI Benevolent Grave is less intelligent



To be able to win the battle in Nioh 2 Game review, you must be able to develop an effective strategy. You can not only rely on physical attacks, but also elemental based attacks. When playing it, you always have the opportunity to modify the weapons you get. You can even use Yokai powers because basically, the main character is a half-human Yokai. Whenever you need, you can use the strength you do have to fight the enemy.


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