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Days Gone Game Review: An Action Game With a Very Unique and Interesting Story Side

Days Gone Game Review

Days Gone Game review brings you to a global pandemic that is turning humans into animals who just want to satisfy their thirst and hunger. Bend Studio manages to present a game that uniquely teases your emotional side. You will enjoy an adventure full of thrilling action through this one of the Best PS4 Exclusive Game 2021.

The Emotional Side of the Days Gone Game Review

Days Gone Game review offers a story with a side that is so gripping feelings. Facing such a chaotic world, you will be presented with the story of the main protagonist, Deacon St. John or commonly called Deek and his best friend, Boozer.

The two of them are trying to save themselves from an irrepressible mess. The only solution at that time was the evacuation process using helicopters belonging to NERO (National Emergency Response Organization) which tried to save as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, the limited capacity of the helicopter in the end only made Deek’s wife, Sarah, who took the flight. Meanwhile, Deek decided to stay with Boozer, who was seriously injured. Long story short, two years after Deacon and Boozer who managed to survive the onslaught of monsters called Freakers. They also found that the evacuation camp where the rescue helicopter was supposed to land, ended up being crushed and devastated by the Freakers’ attack.

This incident made Deek lose his beloved wife. With the remaining hope he has, he continues his life by playing the role of Drifter, Bounty Hunter who tries to solve the problems of survivors in various camps. To his surprise, Deek found that O’Brian, the NERO officer whom he had stopped two years ago to let Sarah occupy their evacuation helicopter, was still alive.

This fact made him have a glimmer of hope to return to find his wife. If O’Brien, who was on the same helicopter, was still alive, it meant Sarah had a chance of surviving too. Your adventure will start with a strong story. Feelings of hopelessness as well as new hope appear simultaneously to accompany your adventure in finding Sarah. Days Gone best ps4 zombie game review will take you to face the reality that drains emotions.

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Days Gone Game Review Stunning Contrast Details

Days Gone Game review which is present as an open-world game can present an extraordinary world design. The layout of Farewell, Oregon, United States manages to represent a dark world that survived the aftermath of a global pandemic that changed billions of people around the world. This city is becoming more perfect with natural beauty that pampers the eyes. The dazzling natural beauty and the gloomy city make for an interesting contrast.

Various details are always considered in this one of the Best PS4 Exclusive Game 2021. The presence of the wreckage of abandoned vehicles on the road of damaged houses full of rubbish is very real. You will also feel a dramatic nuance when you find a corpse lying just like that. Both corpses that still look fresh or those that are so old are presented in such detail that sometimes it gives you chills.

The state of the world of Days Gone Game review that has been destroyed is no longer as you know it will be obvious. However, the destruction of this city is seen in stark contrast to the beauty of the landmark which so spoils the eye. You will see the beautiful high mountains, the heavy snow in winter and cover everything with a beautiful white colour. The presence of mud blending with the leaves of the fallen trees can represent an extraordinary visual.

All of that is presented even more dramatically with the inevitable cannibalism. You will fight children who are exposed to the same virus as Freakers to make them look like zombies. Your exploration action will be even more dramatic with the presence of various emotional stories such as people who commit suicide to classes who commit mass suicide to ensure they die as humans, not as Freakers. This makes Days Gone a game filled with sad stories.

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Exciting Gameplay System from Days Gone Game Review

Even though Days Gone Game review looks like a simple action game, it is still something that contains some exciting new things. The progress system presented innovatively can make it feel different. You will meet a system of three types of attacks, namely stealth, melee, and range to deal with every attack. The Deacon character you play can even carry three types of range weapons at once which makes your adventure even more interesting.

You can mix various things that will help your adventure such as beer bottles, scraps, to car airbags. Besides, you also make arrows for the arrows you use, Molotov cocktails to destroy the Freakers or Marauders, and even more deadly melee weapon combinations. With a clear set of rules, you can more easily collect resources. You don’t just fight the same enemy, so the adventure feels challenging.

When playing this game, you will enjoy the progress via the Camp system that you will encounter throughout the game. Each camp that appears will offer a different side mission, with their resources. Through different resources, you will start to develop your priority scale. You can choose which camp is a priority to save.

Days Gone Game Review

-Cool visual contrast
-Stories touch emotions
-The soundtrack can build the atmosphere properly
-Interesting Storylines system
-Unique camp system
-Brutality dazzlingly presented
-User-friendly user-interface menu design

-There are still many technical problems
-Stories are not adaptive
-The Skill System felt unbalanced
-Some of the character growth is confusing
-The random missions were disappointing

Game Details
Developer: Bend Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: April 26, 2019
Price: $ 19.99 at Amazon



Days Gone Game review comes with Storylines which are useful to give you an idea of ​​how much longer the adventure you have to go. Some storylines are related to each other, end in new Storylines, or end with one definite conclusion before ending to continue to other Storylines. All of this will be supported by Deek’s motorbike mode of transportation which is indeed fun and exciting to use with drifting in sharp turns.


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