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Concrete Genie Game Review: Interactive Media with Diverse Visions and Missions

Concrete Genie Game Review

Concrete Genie Game review brings something different in a video game and the one of best ps4 exclusive game 2021. As a game full of adventure, Concrete Genie manages to touch the social aspects of society that occur in many parts of the world.

The bullying theme that is presented can penetrate the deep recesses of gamers without leaving the excitement of the gameplay which deserves thumbs up.

Complex Backgrounds Presented In The Concrete Genie Game Review Story

Concrete Genie Game review is here knocking the door of everyone’s heart along with technological developments and times. Even though a game always focuses on fun and excitement, it comes differently for this game introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This game can grow into a bridge to understanding one of the classic unresolved problems all over the place, bullying.

When you enter this game, you will live life in Denska City. Denska becomes a city of despair that was once alive and colourful. The existence of various economic and social problems makes this city so gloomy.

Running the character as Ash, you will play the main character as a child who likes to paint. Ash is told as a child who likes to paint as usual, but his day does not go well.

Ash meets a group of bad kids who spoil his favourite book and throw it away. This bullying incident made him stranded at a lighthouse to search for the remaining pages of his book. But miraculously, the pages of the book come alive.

The book that contains the imagined images comes alive. Even one of his concocted monsters named Luna came to life and gave him a giant brush as a weapon.

With this giant brush, Ash goes on an adventure to find the pages of his art book that are still scattered and restore the city of Denska as it was in the past. The roots of darkness that shackled this city, could only be destroyed by using Ash’s magic brush.

Moreover, Ash’s struggle will not be easy because he is constantly being chased by a group of naughty teenagers who don’t seem happy with his presence. The high social message conveyed by Concrete Genie Game review makes this game very fun and educational at the same time.

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Very Unique and Interesting Visual Approach in Concrete Genie Game Review

Considering that the main character in this game is someone who likes painting, it’s no wonder the Concrete Genie Game review is filled with bright colours amidst the gloomy city atmosphere.

The colours displayed in the middle of this gloom will appear to be lit up with a lively sensation. The unique visual presentation approach will make you enjoy every movement that is so interactive, such as running, jumping, and various other activities.

The animation presented by Concrete Genie Game review looks so smooth, complete with a map to show where the next objective is. The available cut-scenes play a good role in strengthening the existing side of the story.

The details of the characters are built with a strong clay-motion impression through a serious three-dimensional model. You will be so spoiled with the visual effects of each character’s movement. You won’t be bored when you see Ash produce colours through his brush strokes.

Denska, which is imagined as a dull and dark city, is successfully displayed according to this purpose. You will feel an atmosphere of despair through black and grey in every corner.

The cloudy clouds that consistently shadow this city to complement the gloomy darkness of the city. Amid this despair, the presence of the visual effect of bright colours emanating from Ash’s giant brush creates a fantastic contrast.

The presence of various story creatures in the middle of a dull world leaves a very strong impression. The contrasting colour amidst the darkness of this detailed city seems to be a symbol of hope. The sign to never break up is there for any situation.

This is even more perfect with the audio support for the sound of Genie effects – magical creatures that sound cute and full of personality. Moreover, some images can also bring up live animation effects that are supported by certain sound effects.

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Bullying Therapy through Fun Drawing in Concrete Genie Game Review

Concrete Genie Game review comes with a big mission. This Pixelopus concoction game will ask you to draw the sidewalls of buildings that have light bulbs dangling around them. By drawing a nearby wall, this light bulb will return to light and indicate that your mission is complete.

Although it looks simple, many parts of the walls have been controlled by the roots of darkness. So you must have the ability to draw at a higher level to win this game.

To complete the mission and win this game, you must be able to avoid the bully groups that keep making you a target. To avoid this, you can always jump and move to higher building locations. If you do get caught, you’ll lose your brush and have to look for it again.

With a combination of various patterns that are already available and divided according to the season, you can produce artwork that spoils the eye. The results of your concoction of images will always succeed in stunning the eyes and refreshing the mind.

Concrete Genie Game review is not suitable for all types of gamers. However, with the great mission it carries, Concrete Genie can provide a broader perspective to see bullying creatively. If most victims of bullying are caused by certain things that make them bullied, then you will not find this in this game.

Ash’s character has absolutely no problems in his life and there is nothing in Ash that makes him worthy of being bullied. Ash is a normal child who grew up in a happy family and has no conflicts with other people.

Ash is just a child or teenager who tries to live his life as best and happily as possible. Bullies have an unpleasant background. The bullies have an unpleasant feeling that needs an outlet and are then directed at Ash.

Game Details

PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4
Release DateOctober 8, 2019
Price$ 18.19 at Amazon

Concrete Genie Game Review

-Interesting visuals
-Artistic freedom through attractive artwork
-Bullying social messages
-Nonviolent gameplay suitable for all ages
-Three dimensional VR world
-Smooth animation of the Genies

-The mission structure and gameplay are unattractive
-Rigid action
-Less exploring various types of pattern combinations
-Music is not fun



Concrete Genie Game review can become an attractive medium of therapy and expression for children who are bullies and children who receive bullying. With the story presented, gamers will understand what happened. That sometimes victims of bullying have no problem at all and the bully is just expressing the frustration they are experiencing.


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