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What is Dream Catcher Online Game

What Is Dream Catcher Online Game
What Is Dream Catcher Online Game

Dream Catcher online game is a live casino from the software provider by the Evolution Gaming. The game has now become an integral part of the live casino and offers the necessary variety on Blackjack and Roulette.

The idea of ​​Dream Catcher is derived from the concept of Money Wheel or the Wheel of Fortune. Dream Catcher combines the thrill of the Wheel of Fortune with the chance principles of traditional casino games such as Roulette. The more times a number appears on the wheel, the greater your chance of winning.

Dream Catcher Online Game : Predict the Number

Dream Catcher online game is a live game that is somewhat reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune. A live croupier is in a studio spinning the wheel. A camera installation around the wheel and in the studio ensures that everything is properly captured. 

That you can easily play along at home via the live stream. You almost get the feeling that you are in a game show. To win a nice prize, you have to predict on which number the wheel will come to a stop.

On the wheel you will find 6 different numbers such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, which are spread over 54 different squares. Certain spaces on the wheel will more often contain the same number. Of course, the more often a certain number appears on the wheel, the greater the chance that it will come to a stop on that number. 

If you predict this correctly, your payout will be lower than a number that can only be found on the wheel a few times. So you can decide every turn how much risk you want to take, with the prospect of higher prices.

Rules of Dream Catcher Online Game

You must make your prediction and bet on the number which you think the wheel will stop, before the croupier spins the wheel. On the wheel you will find the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. Place your bet on one of these six numbers, if you think the wheel will land on that number.

The higher the number, the higher the payout. However, the higher numbers appear less often on the wheel, so you also have a smaller chance of winning. You always win an amount that corresponds to the number on which the wheel came to rest. 

Did you bet on 2 and the wheel also lands on 2. Then the payout ratio is 2:1 and you win 2 times your bet in addition to your current bet. The minimum bet is 10 cents per spin. The maximum bet may differ depending on the casino where you play this game.

Additional Features of Dream Catcher Online Game

After each game round you can see on your screen which bets have been made by other players and what amounts players have won with this. This immediately gives you an idea of ​​how many people are currently playing and how high the prizes can be if you are lucky.

The wheel does not only contain numbers that you can bet on. There are 2 more squares where you can win so-called multipliers. These multiply the number on the standard squares, increasing your winnings if you make a correct prediction.

There are two different multipliers on the wheel such as a box with a 2 times multiplier and a box with a 7 times multiplier. If the wheel lands on one of these squares, it gets interesting. The bet you have made for a certain number remains. 

The croupier then turns the wheel again. Now when the wheel comes to rest on the number you predicted on the previous turn, the multiplier will be applied to that number, bringing in an even bigger win.


You bet 20 euros on number 10. The wheel then indeed stops on a 10, so you have won! The payout ratio is 10:1. You now win 10 x 20 = 200 euros.

Suppose now: for the next round you have again bet 20 euros on number 10. The wheel comes to a stop at the 7x multiplier. Now the croupier turns the wheel again. The wheel will now stop at 10. Then you win 7×10 x20 = 1,400 euros.

Stacking Multipliers on Dream Catcher Online Game

Multipliers can be stacked. This means that you can apply multipliers to each other if the wheel comes to rest on a multiplier for several turns in a row. First stop the wheel on the 7x multiplier, and the round after it on 2x multiplier, then you have a multiplier of 7×2 = 14x.Although stacking multipliers will not be very common, casino game providers have set a maximum for how often multipliers can be stacked. This differs per provider. It is best to look this up in the game rules of the game itself or ask the game leader in Dream Catcher Online Game via the live chat.

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