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Sizzling Eggs Slot Review: RTP 96.12% (Wazdan)

Sizzling Eggs slot review
Sizzling Eggs slot review

Are you searching for the Sizzling Eggs slot review? This game is preparing food for those eggs, but it doesn’t appear that they intend to serve us an omelet. 

It’s actually a slot gacor machine with a dragon theme, with the creature’s eggs being the ones mentioned in the title. Wazdan will deliver it in the coming months, with all of the usual benefits that their slots have, including the ability to choose the volatility level.

Best of Sizzling Eggs Slot Review

Sizzling Eggs slot review

Sizzling EggsTM has 5×3 reels to spin, even though there are only 5 active paylines. The payouts are decent, but the 2,500x jackpot is particularly appealing because you can adjust the volatility to your liking. 

The RTP is satisfactory, at 96.14%. We believe there are enough special features, such as scatters, special symbols, free spins, Collector symbols and their multipliers, and even wilds, to keep the gameplay interesting.

1. Wagering Options

A line of bet options has been placed at the bottom by the developer. You simply choose a value to use, and that’s all there is to it. You’re working with a budget of between $0.10 and $10,000.

Wazdan claims that Sizzling EggsTM can pay up to 2,500x the wager at the end of a spin, but the regular combinations don’t appear to be capable of doing so. The maximum payout per line is 50X the stake, so the maximum payout for a single spin is 250X. When it comes to special symbols and their multipliers, however, the big payouts appear to be more likely.

Wazdan slots don’t limit you to a single volatility level. They allow you to choose the level of risk you want to take in exchange for a lower or higher chance of winning a large prize. The RTP level used is acceptable to us. Most people would consider the value to be good at 96.14%.

2. Game Features

The wild is one of several unique symbols found in Sizzling EggsTM. It’s clearly marked, but it otherwise resembles a dangerous flower of some sort. These are the standard replacement symbols, which can only be combined with regular symbols to form new wins.

On the reels, special symbols may appear at any time. They can stay and collect prizes from the other symbols, but they will only pay you once the free spins have been triggered. 

The 3-5 scatters are required to trigger the free spins (Star symbols). If all of the requirements are met, you will receive 10 to 30 rounds, with the option to retrigger them.

The Collector symbols resemble dragon eggs and appear on the top reel, which is otherwise empty. Its value is decreasing, and it could last up to 10 rounds. It gathers prizes from Jackpot or Cash symbols on the same reel. These fixed jackpots can be worth up to 200 times the stake, whereas regular prizes can only be worth up to 10 times.

During the free spins, you may also see multiplier symbols. If these appear on the same reel as Collector symbols, their value will be increased. One possible symbol can increase prizes by up to tenfold. Another one will add up to three more spins to the Collector symbol’s countdown.

There’s also the Collect to Infinity feature, which means the Collector symbols don’t have a timer and stay in place until the free spins are over. In the end, in addition to the prizes won through regular combinations, the game collects prizes from all Collector symbols.

3. Design and Theme

A dragon-themed design can be seen throughout, especially in the dark background image and some of the major symbols. The others, on the other hand, are fruit symbols with molten metal incorporated into their design.

There are a total of 8 regular symbols, half of which are Royals between Jack and Ace, with the remaining symbols being cherries, oranges, lemons, and the Seven.

Final Words

In conclusion of Sizzling Eggs slot review, the game appears to be a good choice for the average player, especially since you can choose your own volatility level. Despite the traditional fruit connection, the features are unique, and the dragon theme should appeal to a wide audience.

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