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You Must Know! The Negative Impact of Games

You Must Know! The Negative Impact of Games

 Games are addictive for some people. And it’s real today. The game itself is something that is not strange to all citizens in the world.

Even in Indonesia, the existence of the game quickly circulated in the community. Many people play this game. They come from students to adults.

Online games consist of 2 types, namely offline games and online games. Of course, each of these types of games has its own example. Among the online games that are currently on the rise are: PUBG, Valorant and many more.

As for offline games, there are also many kinds, including: PES, GTA V, Call Off Duty and many more examples of offline games that are currently on the rise or have a lot of fans.

Of course, online games and offline games have negative effects, for example games are addictive for they who play game for long time.

It can harm those who play the game. Because people who play games forget all their other obligations and are only used to play games.

This is very detrimental in the time you have, because actually that time you could be used for other more positive activities than just playing the game. Of course, apart from being time-consuming, the effect of the next game is materially detrimental, because people are often willing to spend their money just for something worthless like a game.

Some people are willing to spend their money just to improve the characters in the game. The character has a timeout, of course, which is not permanent. They do not realize that the system is just like a lease.

Of course, this is very detrimental because compared to renting characters, it is better for other positive activities or can be used for saving.


Games are addictive for the players, because the players will find that it is very hard to forget or stop playing the game. This is of course detrimental in terms of productivity and free time.

In fact, it is not uncommon for an employee or worker to experience decreased productivity just because playing games for too long, this is because if playing games for too long can make people who play them tired faster.

Like gambling, games are also addictive. Therefore these 2 things must be avoided, first for games you can limit the time in playing games. For gambling you should never approach it.

Because gambling has more negative effects than games, therefore you should never approach it.  If you are already entangled with gambling, it will be difficult to stop unless you experience destruction.

There are so many kinds of online gambling currently circulating, where this gambling can be played easily via a smartphone. Various kinds of online gambling include domino gambling, online slot lists, online poker, games 138, and so on. Never approach gambling if you don’t want to be destroyed by it.

For the game,   you can make limits in playing the game in order to reduce the effect of the game for all we already know that the games are addictive. Use a maximum of 2 hours to play the game

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