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Madame Destiny Slot Review: RTP 96.50% (Pragmatic Play)

Madame Destiny Slot Review

Are you looking for the Madame Destiny slot review? This game is a brand-new slot machine from Pragmatic Play, and is advertised as having a high level of volatility. 

It features an older theme centered around fortune tellers. It will have a number of different arguments to make for itself in addition to having attractive graphics that are mostly in line with the topic.

A Brief of Madame Destiny Slot Review

There are only 10 lines available for a typical 5×3 game area, so don’t count on getting very many wins from the game’s spins. As a result of the numerous multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and free spins, it appears to be a rather solid package. 

Even though the game’s RTP was declared to be 96.5%, players can still expect significant wins of up to $135,000 from its finest combinations due to its high volatility.

1. Betting and Rewards

When it comes to how a line bet is constructed, at least, Pragmatic Play’s methods are consistent from one slot to the next. You can place line bets with up to 10 coins, each of which has a value that ranges from $0.01 to $0.50. Thus, the total bet can range from $0.10 to $50 whereas the line bet can be any value between $0.01 and $5.

In the free spins round, a combination of five wild symbols will provide you the prize you’re after. With the former, you can win $45,000 in the base game or $135,000 when you’re playing free spins because multipliers are used. 

Although the 96.5% RTP seems great, you should bear in mind that the game has a very high level of volatility, so it may take several rounds without a win until you obtain a large one.

2. Game Features

Even though the game only introduces a few elements, they will be intriguing ones that are enhanced by a number of multipliers that you may even combine to increase the value of the common combos.

The Fortune Teller symbol, which can be used as a replacement and appears on all reels, comes first. During your paid spins, a combination of five of these symbols will award the game’s maximum payout of up to 9,000x ($45,000). 

The multipliers from the free spins increase this value, so you may win up to $135,000 or a 27,000x reward from just one combination. In addition to providing fantastic prizes, which happen very infrequently, the symbol will primarily serve as a replacement for you. The wild symbol will add a 2x multiplier to any wins it contributes to when it forms a combo.

In this instance, the scatter symbol, which is another one you frequently see in slots, is shown as a Crystal Orb. You may get it to show up up to five times on the reels, and each time it does, you’ll receive 15 free spins and very large winnings (500x your original wager). 

All winners from the free spins receive 3x multipliers, including any that also benefit from the wild’s 2x multiplier.

3. Theme and Design

The premise of Madame Destiny is based on the traditional fortune teller, who would read Tarot cards in addition to gazing into crystal orbs to predict your destiny. 

The Fortune Teller, an Owl, a Black Cat, the Crystal Orb, a Vial of Blood, Candles, and Tarot Cards are its high emblems because all of these elements are present. Six playing cards are among the low symbols.

Final Conclusion

Overall of Raja95 Madame Destiny slot review, if you’re searching for a very volatile game with consistent, but thrilling, elements, this game appears promising.

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