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Land of Zenith Slot Review: RTP 96.29% (Push Gaming)

Land of Zenith Slot Review

You must be looking for the Land of Zenith slot review as you want to boost the game. Currently under development by Push Gaming are a number of online slots, including this game. 

This particular publisher normally puts out fewer games, but those that do tend to cater to experienced players, have significant volatility, frequently innovate, and have very high caps. 

If you give one of their games a try, you nearly never regret it. They combined steampunk-inspired artwork with a premise that seems to depict pirates using airships for this one.

Best Land of Zenith Slot Review

Despite having only 30 active lines and 6×4 reels, Land of Zenith’s volatility is High. However, it works to the slot’s favor because it retains the RTP at a respectable 96.29% while allowing the slot to pay out more than 21,000 times the bet. These special features come with wilds, free spins in Hypermode, and the Bouncy Mystery.

1. Betting Options

You can choose the bet to reach as near as possible to the desired amount, whether it is little or high. The smallest stake is $0.10, while the maximum is $100.

Moving on to the rewards that the game might offer, winnings of up to 21,003 times the initial investment are excellent. For each of its active lines, rewards up to 200 times the bet can be paid, giving the game’s single spin potential of 6,000 times the bet. However, if you were to receive more free spins, you might.

The game has high volatility, but you’ll also see that its RTP, at 96.29%, is right where it should be.

2. Game Features

In this game, the Crest’s image will act as the wild card. Despite playing that job the most of the time, it is more than just a stand-in. The top-paying combos can also be formed with it, thus five wilds would return 200 times the bet.


The majority of the slot’s extra features are accessed through a Disc mechanic, which calls for dispersed Turner symbols on reels 2, 4, or 6. Symbols that land there rotate the three discs. During routine rotations, the disc occasionally transforms into a gold version.

The three discs must line up with a groove so that it passes through all of them in order to receive a feature. Bouncing Mystery is accessible with the standard disc, while free spins are activated with the golden edition.

Bouncing Mystery

By sending an orb that may hit the edge and leave behind such symbols, Bouncing Mystery will randomly add mystery symbols to the playing area. 

Orbs have the potential to collide, split, and deliver a number of mystery symbols. In the end, it’s merely a secret feature that enables all of the produced symbols to merge into a single ordinary symbol type.

Free Spins

Free spins in Hypermode are also a possibility. There will be a total of 20 seconds of spinning time, and the reels can spin more quickly or more slowly. The speed of the free spins will increase if a wild appears in view, but you’ll also fill up a unique meter for retriggers at the same time. 

Filling the meter will get you 10 more seconds. Every time you retrigger the free spins, one of the bottom symbols gets removed, reducing the number of symbols in the gaming area.

3. Design and Theme

If you enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic, you will adore Land of Zenith’s cartoon-style graphics and décor. Push Gaming did well in this area and chose a plot that centers on sky pirates that travel between flying cities on airships. It’s not a fully original story, but it’s also not a typical one, and I think you’ll appreciate how nicely done it is.

Low-value symbols include gems depicting planetary bodies (the Sun, star, planet, and moon); medium-value symbols include butterflies, owls, and futuristic scrolls; high-value symbols include three characters; and the highest-paying symbol has a character wearing a top hat.

Final Thoughts

Although this game took some time to release, we believe that fans of Push Gaming’s work will enjoy the highly volatile and potentially quite rewarding experience that it offers. 

Although we believe they could have done more to accommodate players who like a game with more features, the slot is still generally quite decent. Finally, those are our thoughts for the Land of Zenith slot review from depo ovo.

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