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Strict Things to Learn About Sweet Bonanza Slots

Strict Things to Learn About Sweet Bonanza Slots

About Sweet Bonanza – If you are a fan of slot games then you definitely know the Sweet Bonanza slot game. This game is the result of a pragmatic game that already has fans from all over the world. For those of you who want to play this game, there are tips on how to win the Sweet Bonanza slot that you can follow. As long as you follow these tips, your chances of winning are very good.

About Sweet Bonanza Slots

But before entering the tips, it is better to read up on this one game in advance. An introduction to slot machine games is very important to make winning easier. The following is an explanation of the Sweet Bonanza slot:

Storylines and topics

The Sweet Bonanza slot itself has a colorful and fun theme. The symbols used in this game are fruits and candy. Every parallel symbol, be it fruit or candy, gives a bonus. So you don’t have to worry about never winning this one game. In this game, the candy symbol is the biggest bonus.

Pragmatic slot game graphics

When it comes to games, it is definitely the graphics used. Sweet Bonanza used interesting 3D technology. This technology makes the game look more real and not boring. Even this game has fun background music, so players will always be delighted to play it.

As for the sound effects that will make you addicted to this game. Because every time you make a profit there is a tone of voice that gives the impression of being happy. This in itself is not surprising considering that Sweet Bonanza is part of the pragmatic game.

Strict Things To Learn About Sweet Bonanza Slots
Sweet Bonanza Slots

Play games

Sweet Bonanza is a 6 x 5 grid slot machine. The large number of grids makes it possible to get a combination of 8 to 12. The very basis of this game itself is that all you have to do is pay attention to how many combinations you get in one spin. If you can get a total of 12 combinations, it is clear that you are getting more bonuses.

This slot machine also offers free spins from certain combinations. All you have to do is pay attention to the combination that you get. You can also buy the number of spins you want. There is an opportunity to make big wins from the free spins that you receive. In addition, this Sweet Bonanza also gives multiple symbol wins.

There are 12 combinations with different total wins. The following is the number of bonus symbols that can be obtained:

  • red heart 50x
  • 25x purple box
  • Green triangular sweets 15x
  • 12x blue rectangle candy
  • Apple 10x
  • Plums 8x
  • Watermelon 5x
  • Wine 4x
  • Banana 2x

There is a symbol that gives a bonus of up to 100x, which is a lollipop or so-called scatter.

Bonuses in Existing Sweet Bonanza Slots

From the gameplay description above, you will of course be curious about the bonuses you can get from this Sweet Bonanza. There are several bonuses that this one game offers especially for players.

The first bonus is the scatter, where you already know that this scatter is the symbol that can offer the most bonuses. This scatter can be on any grid and gives a bonus if the combination is 4, 5 or 6. Each bonus that is given is 3x, 5x and also 100x. So to get a 100x bonus from this symbol you have to arrange 6 scatters.

The next bonus is the ante bet which gives you free spins when you buy a certain number of spins. For example, if you buy 100 spins there are free spins that you can get with a bit of luck.

Not only that, about Sweet Bonanza is Tumble Features. For this one bonus it gives you the option of getting a new symbol when you win. So that symbols that have disappeared are replaced by new ones until symbols can no longer be combined. This one feature is very interesting as it gives you bonuses all the time.

Free Spin Sweet Bonanza Slots

Free spins also include a very attractive bonus in this slot machine game. You get free spins when you spin and get 4 scatter symbols. From these 4 scatter symbols you receive a 10-fold free spins bonus. You can also get another 5 free spins if you get 3 more scatter symbols.

The final bonus that makes this game so popular is the Free Spin Multiplier symbol. A bomb will appear in this bonus that will come out when the free spins run. Later this bomb will explode and award prizes from 2x to 100x for the multiplier symbol you get.

From the explanation about Sweet Bonanza you can already get an idea of how to play this game at judi online sites. / Dy

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